Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting Excited for Thanksgiving Break!

My sister Andrea (who lives in Texas) came to visit this weekend! In an earlier post, I asked you guys for some input on where to take her during her visit... unfortunately for me, no one responded so I was left to fend for myself!

I ended up taking her to Claire's Cornercopia (a place I have blogged about before) because she is a vegetarian. We then decided to walk around downtown New Haven, which was tremendously fun because it was a beautiful night and the downtown New Haven area is such a classy place filled with glamorous buildings and small hole-in-the-wall gems!

We had a great time and it was such a pleasure to be able to catch up on the various happenings of our lives - I love visiting with my family and that is why I am SO excited for Thanksgiving!!

3/4 of the Palmer Girls outside of Bruegger's Bagels
This morning, Andrea's visit came to an end as my mom and other sister, Rebecca (visiting from Washington DC), came to scoop Andrea up and take her back to my mom's house. I have classes Monday morning, so we had a quick bite to eat at Bruegger's Bagels on Amity Road before I went to my Accounting class. It was a ton of fun and their bagels are sooooo delish!

I will be joining my family for Thanksgiving Break on Wednesday, because AMC closes at 3 pm Wednesday afternoon. My professors have individually cancelled the classes for the rest of the week, but I am staying in New Haven so I can still get my hours in for my Work Study position in the Financial Aid Office.

I am so excited for Thanksgiving Break to start so I can go to my mom's house and just relax with my sisters and my mom. I cannot wait to be surrounded by my family for the holiday! 

Are you excited to visit with your family, or can it get somewhat stressful? When does your school get out for Thanksgiving Break? Do you think we should get more or less time for Thanksgiving?

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