About Me


My name is Olivia Palmer and I am a Senior at Albertus Magnus College. Here are some quick facts about myself:
  • Marketing Management major
  • Commuter - rent an apartment in New Haven, CT with my boyfriend and dog
  • Love dogs, food, reading, tv, hot tea, exploring New Haven, hanging out with friends, blogging, getting involved and just enjoying life!
  • AMC Tour Guide
  • Workstudy in AMC Financial Aid Office
  • Wish I could travel more and speak Spanish
  • Transferred from ACC in Austin, Texas
  • Excited for graduation in May!!
Leave me a comment or ask questions on any of my posts, I would love to hear from you!!


  1. Hi ! My name is To-nasia Cohen. I have recently got accepted to Albertus Magnus and I'm really thinking about attending but I do have one question: What do you think of the business program at AMC and what is the best thing you can say about the college in general. If you'd like can you e-mail me directly ? c.tonasia@gmail.com

    1. Hi To-nasia!

      I just saw this and sent you an email... check your inbox! Hope you're having a fantastic holiday break... and thanks for commenting :)

      - Olivia