Sunday, November 11, 2012

AMC Open House: A Tour Guide's Perspective

Yesterday was Open House here at Albertus Magnus College and let me just tell you... it was a blast! As a Tour Guide, I was working at Open House to help people find where they're supposed to be, answer questions, and of course... give tours!

Albertus Magnus College Campus Map
The morning started out early with us Tour Guides having to arrive by 8:15 am. We got the debrief of what was happening and then they sent us on our way. I was assigned to the station that helped prospective students and their families find their seats for the buffet-styled breakfast. I loved doing this because I could tell people were so excited to be there and it reminded me of how excited I had been when I attended two years ago as a transfer student. BTW: the food looked delish!

I also enjoyed this station because I saw a student and his family that I had given a tour to! They recognized me and even remembered my name! That made me feel pretty fantastic to know that I had made an impression on this family and they had decided to come back to learn more about Albertus.

After the breakfast, there were two huge rooms (Bree Commons and the Tag Center) filled with booths. The Tag featured booths manned by Professors so that students could meet their potential instructors and see some of the cool things they would be learning, and in Bree Commons the booths were dedicated to the Student Activities. I was so shocked by how many activities we have on campus... I knew we had a lot but seeing them all in one room was very helpful because I got to learn about a few I didn't even know about, but will definitly check out!

After exploring the booths for a bit, I was asked to give a private tour to a family... I love giving tours so that made my day! The family I got to give a tour to was very friendly and already in love with Albertus, so it was a pleasure to show them around and tell them even more amazing things about Albertus.

After my tour I stopped back in the Bree Commons to sip on some hot apple cider and munch on a cinnemon donut.

All in all, it was a really great day. I had such a great time and hope that the students I met will come to Albertus.

Have you gone to any Open Houses yet? Have you ever attended an Albertus Open House? If so, let me know how you liked it!

Also, if you didn't get a chance to come to the Open House, but still want the grand tour of Albertus, call the Admissions Office to set up a private tour: 203-773-8501

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