Sunday, April 14, 2013

Accepted Student Reception

Yesterday I worked at the Accepted Student Reception to help welcome the incoming class of 2017!

I was at the event working as a tour guide, but because I know a bit about financial aid through my work study position, I was stationed in the Financial Aid Office to assist students with any basic questions about their financial aid award.
Poster my co-workers made for Accepted Student Reception

I have worked at quite a few events this year designed to welcome new students to campus, including Falcon for a Day, Accepted Student Calling and Open House. Often, a student will come to all of the events, so many of the faces are beginning to look familiar. One student I met during Falcon for a Day came to the Financial Aid Office yesterday and actually remembered me! It was really cool because even though I am starting to recognize some of the incoming class, I didn't think they would actually remember me at all!

This student was with his family and they were literally beaming with joy and excitement for his future. Seeing his parents so proud of him reminded me how awesome Albertus is and how excited I had been when I first came to Albertus. The incoming students have worked so hard to get to this far, and it is truly something to celebrate. This student, along with all of his future classmates, has survived the stressful four years of high school and is now ready to embark on a completely new and unique journey.

For me, it's interesting to think what the next four years will bring for these students. I know that Albertus has offered me incredible opportunities and opened many doors that I had never even dreamed of. I hope that all of the incoming students have this same type of experience because from my limited interaction with these future falcons, they seem incredibly intelligent and eager for this next stage in their life.

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