Friday, May 3, 2013

Housy College Fair!!

Housatonic Valley Regional High School in Falls Village, CT... aka "Housy"

Earlier this week I was given a really cool opportunity: to go back to high school! 

No, it wasn't like in 17 Again where I magically popped back into my high school body (I wish!) and had to attend classes/fix the wrongs I had made in my life... but instead I went back as a representative for Albertus at Housy's college fair!

It was so strange to be back... but in a good way! So much has changed in the 5 years since my graduation, but oddly enough... it's almost exactly the same! For example: there are so many cool things that weren't there when I was in high school, like a Student Government Association and a Powder Puff Team. There is also a ton more security (you have to be buzzed in!) which feels so out of place because my high school is literally in the middle of no where! 

My booth at the college fair.
There are a lot of differences in the physical structure of the school... but the kids that are going there now are exactly like the kids who I went to school with (like literally, could be the same kids). There are still the rich-preppy kids who dress only in Lacoste and wear boat shoes, the jock kids who wear their uniform to school, the kids-who-haven't-grown-into-themselves-yet-and-are-super-awkward, the Aggers, the somewhat normal looking kids, goth kids, stoners... etc. It's so crazy because I remember thinking I was such an individual back in high school... when really I was just one of those awkward kids who hadn't really figured out how to put myself together just yet (in my defense... curly hair is hard to handle!).

It was really nice to be able to go back and represent Albertus. It was such a pleasure to visit with some of the teachers who are still around and talk about "the good old days". I was really glad to be able to go back and share Albertus with some of the kids at Housy. Oddly enough, there are no other kids from my high school at Albertus; I love Albertus so much and really appreciate all of the opportunity it has given to me, so I wish that some more kids from my neck of the woods would come on down!!

I got to man a booth at the college fair and discuss the awesome things about Albertus, like our athletics program, vast selection of undergraduate majors, our awesome dorms, and the perks of being in New Haven.

I had a great time and was so excited to share the awesome things about Albertus! If you've got any questions about Albertus that you'd like answered, leave a comment here or email me at: I'd be happy to answer your questions!!

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