Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Positive Community Member of the Year

Because the school year is winding down, there are a bunch of awards being given out! There are awards for all kinds of things at Albertus including athletics, student services, academic, various clubs... etc.

I'm not much of an athlete so I knew I wouldn't be receiving any awards in that arena and because I'm a transfer student who lives off campus, I really didn't expect to earn any student service related awards....

.... So you can imagine my surprise when I was nominated as a contender for the Positive Community Member of the Year award! I discovered my nomination when I went to go vote for my classmates and found my name as one of the options for this award.

I was so flattered that I was nominated, but didn't think I actually stood a chance to win. I've only been at Albertus for 2 years, and only actually lived on campus for 1, so I definitely did not think that I had a chance! I feel very honored that I was thought of for this award, and truly touched that people actually voted for me!

Other student service awards and their winners include:
  • Resident Assistant of the Year - the winner was a fellow student blogger, Gina D'Agostino.
  • Student Leader of the Year - Gina also won this award!
  • Student Organization of the Year - Student Alumni Association
  • Program of the Year - SGA's Haunted Maze
I am very flattered that I was thought of for the Positive Community Member of the Year award. It feels really good to know people think of me as a significant positive influence on campus. As a transfer student who commutes, it is sometimes hard to feel like part of the college community, so being recognized as a positive community member by my peers is definitely something to be excited about :)

Have you received any awards from your school now that the semester is coming to a close?

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